Gary Avis in DGV with Darcey Bussell
Imogens Creative Fire Blog
June 7,2011
'Gary Avis and Melissa Hamilton again; this is a luxury partnership of astonishing chemistry, and their ease with one another in this tender, soaring, probably hideously-difficult material is simply dazzling.'

The Sunday Telegraph
Louise Levene
May 22, 2011
'There was well matched pairwork from Melissa Hamilton (in Darcey Bussell's old role) and Gary Avis. Just when you fear he's doomed to eyepatch roles, they let him off the leash to remind you what a fine dancer and partner he is. That Giselle lift while walking off stage backwards is a real showstopper.'

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Gary Avis in Sensorium
Paul A.
March 2011
'The extended duet for Melissa Hamilton and Gary Avis suggests a couple exploring space, senses and emotions after the onslaught of a disaster – a deadly tidal wave perhaps. This was the best dancing of the afternoon, a pleasure to see Avis as a strong and attentive partner. Hamilton had ballerina distinction. Together their tremendous rapport created its own suggestive, emotional impact.'

Still Life at the Penguin Cafe

Gary Avis in Still Life at the Penguin Cafe
The Observer
Luke Jennings
March 20, 2011
'Zenaida Yanowsky a sophisticated Longhorn Ram, whiling the cocktail hour away in the arms of the ever suave Gary Avis.'

Swan Lake

Gary Avis as Von Rothbart in Swan Lake
March 2011
'It was a treat to have Gary Avis as Von Rothbart, both in the white acts and particularly in Act III where he exuded a charmingly dark menace, well-supported by his dwarves. The interaction with his sinister daughter Odile showed skilful sorcery, and this was altogether a Swan Lake to treasure.'

Eleanor Turney
March 2011
'Avis’s Von Rothbart is wonderfully evil, dressed in a feathered, ragged cape, moving in a crouch and exploiting his power to hurt.'

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Gary Avis as Hilarion in Giselle
Lynette Halewood
January 12, 2011
'Avis all too clearly thought he was a man doing the right thing, trying to protect the girl he adores from this suspicious outsider: he just doesn’t recognise his own strength when he pulls Giselle away by the arm. His thought processes are clearly and naturally expressed through the body without any exaggeration or histrionics and yet read clearly from a distance. His horror at his persecution by the wilis in act 2 was strongly felt – how could this be happening to me, I was doing it for the best of reasons. Avis is a national treasure.'

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The Tales of Beatrix Potter

Gary Avis as Mr Fox in The Tales of Beatrix Potter
The Observer
Luke Jennings
December 26, 2010
'She survives, triumphant, and goes on to face further hazard as Jemima Puddle-Duck in Tales of Beatrix Potter, stalked by Gary Avis's lethally charming Fox.'

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Gary Avis as a Step Sister in Cinderella
Classical Source
G. J. Dowler
November 21, 2010
'Gary Avis, company stalwart and character dancer par excellence, here makes far more of the ‘bossy’ Helpmann sister than I remember seeing (I did not see Helpmann). Philip Mosley, in Ashton’s ‘meek’ sister part, has found a perfect foil and relishes the sweet, vulnerability of this put-upon ugly girl. Avis is larger-than-life, every movement, every flutter of his outsize eyelashes legible from the farthest seat in the house; in so doing, he underlines the small-scale nature of much of today’s performances at The Royal Ballet.'

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The Art Desk
Ismene Brown
November 4, 2010
'Better value came from Gary Avis (pictured above left) who always gives good villain, chucking himself into Orion’s jumps as fiercely as he rolls his eyeballs;'

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