Gary Avis as Bay Middleton in Mayerling
The Arts Desk
Ismene Brown
April 21, 2013
'It’s typical of the Royal Ballet in this ballet above all that you clock the individuality and status in the drama of other characters, Gary Avis charming as Bay Middleton, Laura Morera alluring as the courtesan Mitzi Caspar, Ricardo Cervera's Bratfisch. Yes, for sure there are (as with many great operas too) awkward bits of narrative, but every moment is boldly attempted with imagination and thought, and the drive to doom feels inevitable.'

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La Bayadère

Gary Avis as the High Brahim in La Bayadere
The Stage
Sarah Frater
April 8, 2013
'Although injury meant Alina Cojocaru missed her scheduled performance of the lead role in the first night of the current run of La Bayadere, Roberta Marquez was an apt replacement. Together with Marianela Nunez and Federico Bonelli, she proves sound casting for the ballet’s love tangle which revolves around the warrior-nobleman Solor (Bonelli) who loves the temple dancer Nikiya (Marquez), only for him to become betrothed to the high-born Gamzatti (Nunez), the daughter of the Rajah (Christopher Saunders). Complicating this is the love of the High Brahmin (Gary Avis) for Nikiya, who in a fit of jealously snitches on the Nikiya-Solor romance in the hope of securing her for himself. These five lead performers give accomplished portrayals of character, as well as exemplary dancing.'

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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Gary Avis in Alice
Mark Ronan's Theatre Reviews
Mark Ronan
20th March 2013
'Gary Avis and Kristen McNally were terrific as the Duchess and the Cook in Act I, reappearing in an aggressive pas-de-deux in Act III.'
Vanessa Keys
March 19, 2013
'Gary Avis's brash, bumptious depiction of the Duchess is slapstick humour at its very best.'

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Gary Avis in Onegin
Mark Ronan Theatre Reviews
Mark Ronan
January 23, 2013
'The main character in the ballet however is Tatiana, and Laura Morera showed a lovely dreaminess in Act I particularly in her pas-de-deux with the imaginary Onegin who appears through the mirror, followed by emotional wildness in Act II after Onegin dances with Olga, and serenity in Act III as her pas-de-deux with her husband Prince Gremin flowed with life and joy. Gary Avis as Gremin was superb, his fine stage presence at the party turning to a beautiful expression of love for Tatiana in their duet together, and perplexed concern with what bothers her later in her boudoir.'

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The Firebird

Gary Avis in The Firebird
The Financial Times
Clement Crisp
December 27, 2012
'With Gary Avis's spidery malevolence he has a worthy opponent. The performance was a fine portrayal of Fokine's great creation.'

The Guardian
Judith Mackrell
January 6, 2013
'This was an exceptionally well rehearsed revival – from Gary Avis's antic, malign Kostchei down to the chorus of Enchanted Princesses.'

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