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The Guardian,
Judith Mackrell
July 12, 2003
'The ancient doll-maker Coppélius is not the dancing centre of the ballet, but he is its dramatic focus, and the chemistry he forms with the other characters is critical. Gary Avis makes his opening moves with even more blatant exaggeration than Gruzdyev: you can all but see the subtitles underlining every senile mishap and arthritic stagger. But once Avis takes centre stage, he is very funny. As Coppélius tries to bring his beloved girl-doll to life, Avis's staring eyes, and twitchy crooked limbs articulate subtle layers of his character's folly, from his naive cunning to his mad hubris to his bleak core of loneliness. It is expertly pitched, and Glurdjidze and Gruzdyev play up to Avis's performance with gusto, sparkling comic asides and dramatic nuance that all seem freshly minted.'

Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes

Gary Avis in Drink to me only with thine eyes
The Observer
Jann Parry
December 15, 2002
'ENB's recent Morris acquisition was created for American Ballet Theatre in 1988, when Mikhail Baryshnikov was still with the company. Not surprisingly, it features witty, show-off choreography for the men. Cameron McMillan and Gary Avis seize their chance to display what they can do; Jan-Erik Wikstrom and Dmitri Gruzdyev, alternating in the leading role in Double Con certo , are already proven stars.'

Swan Lake

Gary Avis as Von Rothbart in Swan Lake
The Guardian
Luke Jennings
11 June, 2004
'her on to greater bad-girl excess, meanwhile, is Von Rothbart, played with gothic extravagence by Gary Avis.'

Bristol Evening Post
Gerry Parker
March 13, 2004
'There was no shortage of evil intent in Gary Avis' Rothbart. Looking for all the world like a malevolent bird of prey he used his magnificent flowing cape to wonderful effect.'

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