The Winter's Tale

Gary Avis in the Royal Ballet
Judith Cruickshank
April 27, 2014
'Gary Avis as the shepherd who rescues the abandoned baby Perdita is excellent.'
Graham Watts
April 11, 2014
'...... and it was good to see Gary Avis in a role that required some dancing as Father Shepherd.'

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The Sleeping Beauty

Gary Avis in the Royal Ballet
Mark Ronan
March 13, 2014
'.......... helped by a superb portrayal of the King and Queen by Gary Avis and Elizabeth McGorian. Avis’s mime in Act I is so eloquent when he tells his daughter she is now beautiful, ready to choose a prince and surely spoiled for choice with the four suitors invited to her coming-out party.'
Graham Watts
February 24, 2014
'..... skill in mime and gesture is held in abundance by many of the company stalwarts. Gary Avis made so much more of King Florestan’s mime than I can recall seeing in other interpretations: there is no doubting what he expects from his daughter on the occasion of her sixteenth birthday when he introduces her four suitors from faraway lands.'

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