Woolf Works

Gary Avis in Woolf Works by the Royal Ballet
The Sunday Express
Jeffrey Taylor
May17, 2015
'Beatrix Stix-Brunell, Federico Bonelli and Gary Avis play out the lives and loves of everyman, not just a rarefied few, with some of the most harmonious and expressive movements I have ever encountered. Melting and mingling, the dancers really grasp Max Richter’s music, punchy, deep flowing and packed with emotion, and turn McGregor’s dance language into a universal experience.'

The Stage
Neil Norman
May 12, 2015
'She (Alessandra Ferri) leads a company in exquisite form. Edward Watson and Steven McRae, Federico Bonelli and Gary Avis are all superb, conveying period angst with the minimum of dressing and maximum of interpretation.'

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La Fille mal gardée

Gary Avis as the Village Notary in La Fille mal gardee
Clement Crisp
The Financial Times
April 19, 2015
'I delight in Will Tuckett’s Widow Simone, a merry and credible old biddy who is an Olympian clog-dancer, and in Paul Kay’s Alain, dazzling in step and true in feeling. And in Gary Avis’s bluff Thomas. And the company performance was worthy of this masterpiece.'

The Guardian
Judith Mackrell
April 17, 2015
'Gary Avis as his bluff, loving father reminds us that Ashton was not just telling a story about wayward children, but about their parents too.'

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Swan Lake

Gary Avis as Von Rothbart in Swan Lake
Sydney Arts Guide
May 10th, 2015
Lynne Lancaster
'Gary Avis as the evil sorcerer Von Rothbart is a mysterious, almost hunch backed owl like creature in the ‘white’ acts 2 & 4 , with a powerful menacing presence. In the ballroom scene in Act 3 he has a Mohawk punk hairdo and is a malicious, controlling presence. In this version the national dances are shown as Von Rothbart’s creatures who areconjured up to distract the court.'

Torquay Herald & Express
Ginny Ware
March 11, 2015
'Gary Avis as Von Rothbart who was an electrifying villain.'

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Don Quixote

Gary Avis as Don Quixote / Lorenzo in the Royal Ballet
The Guardian
Judith Mackrell
January 9, 2015
'Gary Avis’s Don grew richer by the moment, daffy and touching in equal measure.'

Graham Watts
November 27, 2014
'The richness of the Royal Ballet’s tradition in character artistry rose to the significant challenge of so many comic roles: Gary Avis brought Lorenzo out of the more usual background of insignificance with a masterclass in mime.'

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A Month in the Country

Gary Avis as Rakitin in A month in the Country
Mark Ronan
October 19, 2014
'As soon as Rupert Pennefather arrives as the handsome tutor the exchange of glances with Rakitin, at the moment of a drum beat from the orchestra, speaks volumes. Gary Avis made a very stylish Rakitin, beautifully expressing his jealousy at the prospect of competition for the lovely Natalya,'

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Gary Avis as Monsieur GM  and the gaoler in Manon
Mark Monahan
The Daily Telegraph
September 27, 2014
'Gary Avis, here expertly capturing the amoral macho swagger of the Gaoler.

The Arts Desk
Hanna Weibye
September 27, 2014
'...and excellent, thoughtful performances from supporting characters: highly musical Laura Morera as Lescaut's Mistress and Gary Avis as the Gaoler, making much dramatic meat of a small part.'

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