The Invitation

Gary Avis in The Invitation by the Royal Ballet with Zenaida Yanowsky
The Guardian
Judith Mackrell
May 30th, 2016
'Zenaida Yanowsky and Gary Avis are excellent, tightly coiled as the unhappy Husband and Wife, and Francesca Hayward is harrowingly good as the Girl. As she flinches from, and becomes fascinated by, her own sexual power, she seems genuinely innocent of the danger she is courting with the Husband. When the moment of rape arrives, the giddy girl is broken horribly, a victim of violence filled with self-disgust.'

Financial Times
Louise Levene
May 30th, 2016
'Zenaida Yanowsky and Gary Avis make complete emotional sense of the loveless Edwardian couple who seduce a pair of adolescent cousins. Francesca Hayward is pitch perfect as the flirtatious innocent whose come-hither looks over her shoulder in arabesque are all the invitation her rapist needs. During the nightmarish assault Hayward’s tiny body becomes a rag doll in Avis’s hands as he swings her around his hips to the insistent blare of Mátyás Seiber’s brasslike car horns sounding their warning too late.'

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Romeo and Juliet

Gary Avis as Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet
The Times
Debra Craine
September 21, 2015
'Gary Avis offers a masterclass in stage presence. His Tybalt is even more nuanced and exciting than before - not for Avis a one-note Capulet villain. A gripping and quite wonderful performance that galvanised the evening.'
Graham Watts
September 25, 2015
'In his recorded interview before the performance, McRae said that the Royal Ballet has “some of the best Tybalts” and the best of the best must surely be Gary Avis. Tybalt’s duel with Romeo is astonishingly real with Avis and McRae cutting and slicing at each other with venomous intent while racing across the stage. Avis leads a supporting cast (especially in the character roles) of enormous experience that delivers an outstanding level of dramatic performance.'

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