Gary Avis and Tamara Rojo in Isadora
The Observer
Luke Jennings
March 15, 2009
'That said, Watson is eloquent as Craig, while Gary Avis steals the show with a resounding performance as industrialist Paris Singer.'

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Non-linear Interactions

Gary Avis in non-linear interactions
The Telegraph
Sarah Crompton
18 May 18, 2009
'Samodurov has a remarkable ability to reinvent classical movement, to show you things you haven’t seen before: a lift where the girl wriggles as she soars, an arabesque that carves out the notes, a man falling from the side of the stage with a sharp intake of breath.
But even more impressively, he can meld these surprising, off-kilter moments into meaningful and deeply musical couplings. A sense of drama, of something fierce and suppressed lurks beneath the surface. Once again, the dancing is outstanding with Mara Galeazzi and Gary Avis powerful in the central duet and Olivia Cowley catching the eye.'


Gary Avis in Polyphonia
Sunday Express
Jeffery Taylor
April 2006
'And the four Royal Ballet couples are diamond quality, too. Sarah Lamb and Gary Avis perform a series of languid, earthy duets, she blond and adventurous, he darkly serious, together very sexy.'

The Financial Times
Clement Crisp
March 29, 2006
'Avis’s darkly dramatic presence and his impeccable partnering – all are part of the excitement of this work.'

Song of the Earth

Gary Avis and Darcey Bussell in Song of the Earth
Financial TImes
Clement Crisp
June 7, 2007

'It is the best of farewells, because the truest to Bussell's gifts, and we shall remember her like this: beautiful, expressive, a generous artist. She had the advantage of a magnificent performance of the Man from Gary Avis, dancing as always from the centre of his role, and finding everything in the dance itself - his reading of the Fifth Song (The Drunkard in Spring) more vivid, more commanding, than any I have seen before.'

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The Seven Deadly Sins

Gary Avis in the Seven Deadly Sins
The Independent
By Jenny Gilbert
6 May, 2007
'At times, in her serial grapplings with unsavoury men - Jose Martin's Motel Man, Gary Avis's hideously sleazy Director - she's not so much splayed as spatchcocked.'

Three Songs - Two Voices

Gary Avis in Three Songs, Two Voices
The Times
Debra Crane
May 16, 2005
'Zenaida Yanowsky, Tamara Rojo and Deirdre Chapman, partnered by Gary Avis, Johannes Stepanek and Ricardo Cervera respectively, are extraordinary. They rise to the challenge of choreography that throws their weight into freefall and bends their classical technique like rubber. No wonder the audience greeted the world premiere with rapture.'